Week 7 Reflection – Development Plan, Character Outfits, and Starting Sprint 2: Research into Bōsōzoku



Today we received all the feedback for our game from last week! I collated it all together and here is a link to it! I am happy with the feedback, and I think most critiques of the game are very fair!

I also created a plan for the week!

Plan created for the week, photo taken afterwards, hence why some tasks are ticked off already.

Transcribed version:

Monday: – Finish character bio – Make hairstyle breakdown – Collate feedback for game

Tuesday: – Attend lectures – Work on blog

Wednesday: – Attend rep meeting – Work on GAM701 Tasks

Thursday: – Attend Lectures

Friday: (I believe I left this free, as at this stage of the week I was not sure what to do on that day.)


After doing this, I planned for the week and began working more on my character. Today I want to finish the character bio I was creating for my character and also make some notes of possible hairstyles for my character. Additionally, if I have time, I would also like to create the outfits based on hydrangeas today too. I would also like to explain some of the thoughts I have about how she could show her emotions more, so making a few sheets on this would be good too if I have time.

I started work by continuing to develop the character bio for my character. I am quite excited to do this, as I plan to hopefully take this character forward into a visual novel of my own in the future. So, doing this work also doubles as me developing the plot and story of the visual novel further! I was able to complete the bio, which can be read here:

After this, I moved on to create further outfits from hydrangeas specifically, as I felt inspired to do this first. I took influence from past outfits and hairstyles I had created in Week 4 and combined these with the more recent designs I had made last week.

Further design iterations on the fairy form of my character!

As shown in this image, I was able to incorporate in the research I had done on traditional natural hairstyles. I think the idea I have for incorporating bantu knots is really fun, and I really love the shape language of the double puffs.

I sent this work over to my peers for feedback.

‘WOAH THESE ARE SO CREATIVEEEEE. I love the idea of the colour changing butterflies! Personally I’d prefer her having one butterfly companion that changes colours bc the thought of a whole swarm of red angery butterflies terrifies me. The hydrangeas is so her flower, it’s so round and soft looking.’

‘I don’t know if I have much crit besides that I’d be inclined to start moving into more colour & colour variations now to help better sell things?’

‘Ooooh I love 2 and 3! I like the idea of the flowers in her hair being able to react to her emotions, it’s like a friendly version of Medusa’s snakes?’

‘number 2 and 3 are lovely although more normal looking than outright fay as is with n.1, i really like the butterflies’

‘So if you want to go more elegant, i would say 2 or 4 (if long) could be very chique, 3 is more casual imho, although could still work as a cocktail dress, 1 then reads very arts and crafty’

‘1. I like inclusion of traditional natural hairstyles because they sadly fall out of what is considered beautiful by mainstream media and representation of black characters in media, that being said i like the bodice but it reads a bit too bulky perhaps, and as cute as the shoulder straps with leaves are, i really dislike the skirt, maybe because of this rendering now but the shorter darker leaf just draws unnecessary attention to the crotch area’

‘2. I like a sheer cape and the hairstyle is cute if a bit instagram -like i love the butterflies and the waistline, i would just do a few iterations of the tulip-like (?) Or blue bell like skirt. I like the design just make sure to make it delicate and floral and fairy if that is what you’re going for rather than i am a cottagecore witch and i rolled around in leaves (i apologise if i am rude, just trying to convey that the dress can look elegant , just now the cape + stringy hair makes it less)’

‘3. Is cute from the get go and i like the dress a lot, although it reads more casual, the way to remedy that might be figuring out a way to make the bodice flow into the skirt more naturally? Or that it looks less like a tank top and a skirt and more like a royal getup that fits her. Once again heir hair is more casual and the only person i can remember pulling hair like that off and looking sane is helena boham carter, as pretty as it is it just doesn’t read royalty to me, i also prefer the version with butterflies’

‘4. I do like the hair and the sweet empire waistline the dress has and how the flowers seem to sculpt around her, but i would propose to make it a longer dress, i don’t mind the appliques on her body but i would opt in to make them less contrast-heavy maybe’



During the break between the morning lecture, and the afternoon workshop I worked on my character further. I created a brainstorm which went into a little more detail about the different ways I can express the emotions of my character. I did some brief research into flower symbolism relating to emotions.

From this webpage, I solidified my knowledge that sunflowers have a relation to happiness. (Flowers and Their Meanings – Flower Symbolism | Interflora, n.d.)

Additionally, I found out from this article that petunias symbolise anger and resentment, so I made sure to include them in my brainstorm, especially as their shape matches the shape language I want to use for this character! (Calyx, 2014)

Brainstorm on how to convey emotions with my character.

After showing off my character during the lecture, Ady advised us to start working towards a more finished product and to finalise the designs of our work. At this stage in development, I feel much further behind where I would like to be. If I look back at my initial plan for development that I created myself, I am behind schedule.

Development plan I created back in Week 3.

I must speed up my work and iterative process, similar to what I have been able to achieve during the latter of the work, to ensure that I keep on top of GART702 work. I have made another list of work I would like to achieve for GART702.

Further tasks I want to complete (check marks were filled later on in the week, this picture has been taken after writing this segment)


For the rest of the day I worked on updating my blog.


Interflora.co.uk. n.d. Flowers And Their Meanings – Flower Symbolism | Interflora. [online] Available at: <https://www.interflora.co.uk/content/flower-meanings/> [Accessed 3 November 2020].

Calyx, L., 2014. 10 Flowers You Should Never Give to Anyone. [Blog] Serenata, Available at: <https://www.serenataflowers.com/pollennation/10-flowers-never-give-anyone/> [Accessed 3 November 2020].



Today I worked on the GAM701 task for tomorrow, shown below.

The tasks given by Matt.

This week we have been instructed to research into 2 systems which will influence our work for the next few weeks. We need to decide on 1 cultural/societal system and 1 technical/aesthetic system.

Tasks in further detail

I decide to make a mindmap based on the ideas I have.

Mind map I created for this task.

I chose to look into Breath Of The Wild’s artstyle and how that relates to both the story of the game, and the mood they wanted to convey, as the influence of a traditional artstyle reminded me of the work I did for Mr. Fluffypaws the past few weeks. I found this really interesting article that discussed Breath Of The Wild’s influence further. (Dyle, 2017)

Particularly interesting was the link between the French Revolution and the Calamity in Breath of the Wild’s story and how the artstyles relate to this, as I have discussed in my mindmap.

For the cultural/societal system, I looked into girl biker gangs in Japan. This was inspired by my discussions with a coursemate, Phoebe, who approached me to work with me! We were brainstorming about potential game ideas for the upcoming sprint for GAM701 and we came onto the topic of female gangs, and I mentioned Bōsōzoku biker gangs, as I remembered coming across them right at the beginning of the course when researching different Japanese fashion styles for my characters. (Voicu, 2020)

In my mind map, I discussed how they are rebelling against Japanese society by not confining to the role of a woman in Japan.

After completing this task, I had a SSLG meeting, which is a Student Rep meeting where we discuss how to improve the course. Because of this, I did not do any further work today.


Dyle, 2017. Zelda, Plein Air, and the Sublime: The Influence of 19th . Painting on BoTW. [Blog] NeoGAF, Available at: <https://www.neogaf.com/threads/zelda-plein-air-and-the-sublime-the-influence-of-19th-painting-on-botw-56k.1399993/> [Accessed 4 November 2020].

Voicu, C., 2020. Bosozoku Badass Girl Gangs. an Outlaw Subculture of Japan. [Blog] DriveMag Riders, Available at: <https://riders.drivemag.com/news/bosozoku-badass-girl-gangs-an-outlaw-subculture-of-japan/> [Accessed 4 November 2020].



Before the lecture, I worked on another blog post, as I have fell behind slightly in keeping my blog itself up to day. Thankfully, I have been making notes everyday which I can then copy and paste onto my blog, so it is quite easy to catch up. I was not able to complete this blog post fully before the lecture, but I got close, so I will continue it after the lecture. In the lecture today, we put up our ideas onto the Mural website so we could share with the class which systems we looked into. Here is my board.

My Mural board featuring the mindmap I created and links to the research I had done.

We were then put into groups of 3 where we discussed our ideas with our peers, after this everyone told each other about what they had learnt. It was really interesting to hear the variety of different systems and topics that people looked into, and I was surprised to hear that quite a few others also looked into Breath of the Wild as well!!

After the lecture, Phoebe and I were able to find two other teammates to work with us! I am not in a team with two designers and a programmer alongside me! I am excited to be working in a larger group as I am hopeful this means we will be able to create something really impressive! We agreed to have a call tomorrow at 5pm to discuss our ideas all together!

After this I worked on completing another blog post, and then rested. I was able to finish the post, which means I am fully up to date with all blog work! I am happy about this as it means that I can now focus on my current work without distractions.

Tomorrow I plan to work on GAR702 as much as I can, beside the team meeting I will be attending, so that I have a clear course of action for the weekend.



Today I plan to reflect a lot on my progress in the GART702 module. I plan to use the ‘ICEDIP’ method to assess my work so far for GART702, as I have mentioned wanting to do in my Week 2 post. Additionally, I plan to look back on the past post-it notes I have created which detail the tasks I could do for this module to enhance my character.

New list of work to do (bottom), next to previous lists.


I – Inspiration

C – Clarification

E – Evaluation

D – Distillation

I – Incubation

P – Perspiration

In order to solidify what each of these steps means, I found further definitions on this website.

‘Inspiration – research and generate ideas

Clarification – focus on your goals

Evaluation – review your work and learn from it

Distillation – decide which of your ideas to work on

Incubation – leave the work alone

Perspiration – work determinedly on your best ideas’

(Reneed, 2008)

On this website ‘Inspiration’ is described as the research phase. As I have done a few of these steps throughout my process already, I will focus on reviewing my inspirations so far and I plan to create a brainstorm/mindmap of the key inspirations and features of my character.

This was inspired by one of the old post-it note tasks that I made, but had not completed yet. By doing this, it allows me to ensure that whichever design I choose to take forward will be the right one for my character, as I will be able to refer back to this brainstorm. Almost like a character reference sheet, without the art. I believe this is important to create as I am very passionate about reflecting narrative through my characters and this will ensure I do it correctly.

Mindmap about my character

After creating the mindmap, I decided to look at all the silhouettes for the most recent fairy form silhouettes and compare them to the previous ones I have created. This will help me decide which of these to take forward and work on further. I made sure to also take into consideration the human form silhouettes, as both designs will feed into each other.

I took a screenshot of the silhouette sheets next to each other and made notes over the top of this.

Notes on how I can take these designs further to create a final design that will take the best elements of these and combine them.

Out of curiosity, I researched florist aprons, as mentioned in the bottom left of the image, to start gathering reference. I found this image.

Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry | Florists Uniform
(cargocrew.com, 2017)

I plan tomorrow to action these changes and then decide finally on a design for both the human and fairy form of my character. After deciding, I would like to do a quick colour pass before then sending it to people for critique. In order to complete the designs of the fairy form, I must also add wings, so I will create a few options for this and test them out on the decided-upon fairy form.


Today I also had a meeting with my team for the next upcoming sprint. We discussed the idea we had been thinking of working on which is to create a 2D Pixel Art Beat-em-up game using Unity! I have never done pixel art before, but I will be purchasing and using a programme called Aesprite to create the art for this game. https://www.aseprite.org/ I have been told that it is easy to learn how to use and easy to also create art that looks good! I am very excited to try it out. I have also not used Unity in a while, so it will be a challenge for me to get back into it, but I am hopeful as my team seems really supportive to help! For example, one member of my team Rita helped me set up my sourcetree and was very understanding!

To make sure I understand the workflow a bit better, I made sure to seek out any tutorials or articles I could find to help, and I found this one in particular which may be useful. (Rowe, 2017)

One of the main inspirations for our game, alongside the research into Bosozoku girls, is a recent release called River City Girls. (WayForward, 2019)

I also created a Trello board for the team where we can keep track of our tasks. https://trello.com/b/WIwQfZ5g/b%C5%8Ds%C5%8Dzoku

I have decided to start working on moodboards for the game over the weekend, ready for the lecture on Monday. I want to gather some images for the environment and character designs, so I added these tasks to the trello board and then made a Pinterest board with these images on. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/adelichan8/bosozoku/

I would like to try out Aesprite early next week to get used to the software before diving into it fully.


Over the weekend I plan to work as much as I can on my GART702 work. Ideally, for Tuesday’s lectures, I would like to have a cleaned-up character sketch of at least one variation of my character, whether that be the fairy or human design. This cleaned up sketch will have basic colours incorporated, be presented nicely, and maybe some material callouts too. I do not think at that stage it will include a face or expressions unless I have time. However, this will be what I will be moving onto next after completing a cleaned-up character concept.


Reneed, 2008. ICEDIP. [Blog] getlevelten.com, Available at: <https://getlevelten.com/blog/reneed/icedip#:~:text=The%20ICEDIP%20model%20created%20by,each%20word%20spells%20out%20ICEDIP> [Accessed 6 November 2020].

cargocrew.com, 2017. Frankie & Henry Florist Uniforms. [image] Available at: <https://blog.cargocrew.com.au/frankie-henry-florist-uniforms/?utm_content=bufferc229f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer> [Accessed 6 November 2020].

Rowe, E., 2017. Unity Tutorial: Animate Pixel Art using Aseprite and Animation Importer. [Blog] redbluegames.com, Available at: <https://blog.redbluegames.com/unity-tutorial-animate-pixel-art-using-aseprite-and-animation-importer-5c4fe1e06985> [Accessed 6 November 2020].

WayForward, 2019. River City Girls Official Launch Trailer. Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80ZyztIMKDs> [Accessed 6 November 2020].

07/11/20 – 08/11/20


Over the weekend I continued work on iterating to create the final designs for my character. I worked from the reflection of previous designs image I had created yesterday and applied the new features to the fairy form of my character. Here is the result.

Iteration of fairy outfit, based on previous brainstorm of character designs.

I sent this off for feedback to my coursemates and peers, and it was received well!

Here is some of the advice I got:

‘It’s some lovely progress Adele! The only think I can point out on the b version is to keep strong shapes in mind when progressing, as they might get bit less pronounced on the bodice under the cape. Visible difference in texture maybe? And therefore, contrast, that way?

Also always remember to bring focus to the most important part of the design so maybe the button holding the cape could correspond with the belt to bring it more together?’

Another person I showed the change in design to suggested that the hair was too distracting and busy. I will keep this in mind, and if this is the case after adding colours I will return the hair to being normal hair and not hydrangea flowers. If I did this I would make the flower crown she has on change colours with her emotions instead. I believe this will work well, and it will be fun to have the glowing light reflecting on the hair! One friend suggested that I try out a capelet with the design just to see if it would look more youthful/cute. I tried this out quickly:

Capelet test

I like this, however I think I prefer the previous version because it looks more regal and that is an important feature I want to communicate.

After finishing this design, I decided to iterate further on her human form, once again following the reflection of previous designs image I created.

Iteration of human form.

I used these dungarees as the main inspiration for this outfit! (‘Easton’ Organic Heavy Cotton Twill Oversized Dungarees in Blush Pink – New Sizing, n.d.)

Once again, I sent this off for feedback.

‘I really like B as i think it does show off the florist in her and also keeps the femininity with the hair and shoes’

‘I love the idea of having dungarees, but it’s so different from the top it’s kind of throwing me off? Maybe if you had the same value for the shirt it would match a little better?’

Example of some feedback I got from https://www.artstation.com/jayhargreaves

One friend suggested that I add a toolbelt to her design to further emphasize her job as a florist, and I agreed this was a great idea!

He also suggested that the butterflies on her shoes could be a trip hazard, but I do personally like them a lot and I also got positive feedback from other people, so I will just keep in mind that they shouldn’t be to big!

I got some really useful feedback from one friend, who helped me out with the way the clothing was interacting with my character’s body and how to improve it.

Crit from the amazing https://srodyakin.artstation.com/

I sent over a lowered opacity image of my character, as requested so that they could understand the anatomy of my character better.

Lowered opacity version.

In order to make sure my iteration was more accurate, I took photos of myself dressed in similar clothing to my character. I found this helped, especially for getting the shoes of my character more accurate.

This is the improved version!

Iteration on updated human form, with improved clothing detailing, toolbelt, and lightened shirt.

Moving forward, for when I clean up this drawing when moving towards creating a final version of this outfit, I will make sure to more closely reference the kind of sleeves the top has. For example, I found this top which I think will work quite well as a reference. (White Woven Short Puff Sleeve Crop Top, n.d.)

After creating this iteration of my character’s outfit, I took a break, and then worked on lots of iterations for the wings of my character!

Various wing designs I created for my character’s fairy form.

I sent this around and asked people to pick a few and then I would take those forward and add veins/patterns and iridescent details.


While waiting for feedback, I decided to organise the images I had gathered for the moodboards for the Bōsōzoku game. https://www.pinterest.com.au/adelichan8/bosozoku/

I decided to create moodboards focusing on characters, and others on environments, as mentioned previously.

Character moodboard featuring Bōsōzoku imagery. I would like to put a disclaimer here that I do not intend to take the rising sun symbol any further into my concepting as I am fully aware of its negative and offensive connotations.
Character moodboard focusing more closely on clothing.
Environment moodboard focusing on purple and pink hues.
Environment moodboard focusing on blue and red hues.

This was all I achieved this weekend, I am proud of the progress I made, but I know I still need to do more for Tuesday for GART702. On Monday I would like to work on my GART work further and do colour passes of the outfits, even in their unpolished state, just so I have an understanding of how to move forward with them. I would also like to incorporate material call-outs into this, and also sketch up a rough template for the final presentation so that it is ready.

Additionally, I will develop the wings I have created further and create various designs for the ones I have narrowed down to. I will then put these behind my character’s fairy form and seek further feedback as to which ones are most successful, after which I will decide on one.


Lucy & Yak. n.d. ‘Easton’ Organic Heavy Cotton Twill Oversized Dungarees In Blush Pink – New Sizing. [online] Available at: <https://lucyandyak.com/products/easton-90s-shape-baggie-dungarees-in-blush?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google%20Shopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=1935808009|non_brand|google_shopping&utm_content=350577740329&utm_term=&matchtype=&adposition=&device=c&gclid=Cj0KCQiAy579BRCPARIsAB6QoIZKs8k6FspueVTgafK36JfXFKVh-5feQsMbb3IDRnZ3whFh8zL_u5MaAl9-EALw_wcB> [Accessed 7 November 2020].

prettylittlething.com. n.d. White Woven Short Puff Sleeve Crop Top. [online] Available at: <https://www.prettylittlething.com/white-woven-short-puff-sleeve-crop-top.html?fbclid=IwAR1nby8rLq7GIxPX3B2rECZATFmZ1uDmyipEMRN2RxTejdEaGg8TsarlbHo> [Accessed 7 November 2020].

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