Week 11 Reflection – Character Line Art and Blog Improvements



Before submitting the game today, I helped the team by playtesting the build and giving feedback on features that needed to be altered or improved as a final quality assurance.

Unfortunately, I do not believe we were able to achieve everything we wanted with this game due to time constraints, however I am still very proud of what we strove to achieve, and I am especially proud of the amount of art I was able to create! In total, I was able to create 8 whole characters, 4 of which were completely unique designs, and 3 backgrounds! All of these had animations added to them as well, which is a new skill I have acquired and strengthened during this project.

Additionally, I also made many UI assets, another area which I am not familiar with but gained lots of skills while creating the game!

Although all of this art was unfortunately unable to be fully incorporated into the game how I had envisioned, I still believe we achieved this very ambitious 2 week project very well, and I had so much fun making it!

Here is a link to our game!

In the evening I created a plan for the rest of the week.

Week 11 Plan

Transcribed version:

Monday: – Submit game. – Return IPad.

Tuesday: – Work on GART. – Attend Lecture.

Wednesday: – Matt meeting. – Work on blog.

Thursday: – Playtest game. – Attend lecture.

Friday: -Attend Lecture.



I feel today that I am very much still recovering from the past week of intense working on the game project. Because of this, I had not been able to do much for my GART702 module.

The previous day I returned the loaned out IPad to the Games Academy, so I am no longer able to use Procreate to continue my work. Instead, I have transferred my work to Clip Studio Paint.

Before the lectures today I worked on the lineart for my character, keeping in mind the previous video tutorials I had watched. This is what I was able to create before the lecture.

The progress I have made so far on the rough line art for my character.

As you can see I am making sure to use references for key areas I am uncertain of. I am currently roughly drawing in the human form clothing on top of the poses and then after this I will use brush that has more line weight difference to re-draw the lines but more expressively!

I am struggling a bit with the perspective of the head of the happy pose, but hopefully this week I will be able to focus on this work a lot more and by the review next week I will have all line art for her human form and fairy form hopefully finished!!  



I had a meeting with Matt about work on my blog. We discussed changing the title of posts to add more detail. This will help readers understand some of the subjects of the post without going through a lengthy block of writing. This also makes for easier navigation.

He also suggested to change the title of the blog, so that it encompasses the master’s course rather than just the GAM701 assignment.

An image of how the title of the blog looks now.

After this meeting, I continued work on blog and writing personal case study. As this week is focused on building and perfecting a personal brand, I want to customise my blog further. Currently there is a template image on the blog page.

Template image on blog.

To me, my blog does not feel like an ‘artists’ blog from first glance, so I plan to choose a piece of work that I have created this term to use as the header image of the blog page.

In addition to this I would like to replace the dividers I have in my blog to drawn dividers that I will create featuring my own art. This is how they look now before I have changed them.

Dividers before customising.

Because this is not essential work, I will be prioritising it later on and focusing instead of catching up with blog posts and making sure the overall blog looks good. (Although, most likely as you read these posts, all the dividers will already be updated, so I apologise for any confusion!)



Today, together with my team, I worked on playtesting all the games submitted by my peers previously this week. We then gave our feedback and ratings before the lecture started. This week’s lecture was focusing on building personal branding, we had a guest lecture from Waving Bear Studio, a local indie game company. (Waving Bear Studio, 2019)

It was interesting to learn about how they are curating their brand and planning to produce merchandise to make further money outside of the sales of the game itself. They mentioned this is because after the initial sale of the game there would be no other revenue. Creating merchandise creates longevity and a brand image what will keep players engaged.

I am aware that the way I present myself on this blog will also be viewable by future employers as my name and professional profiles are linked to this blog. For this reason, I have tried my best to stay professional on this blog too and show while I enjoy creating fun work, I am also passionate and contemplative while doing so.


Wavingbearstudio.com. 2019. Waving Bear Studio. [online] Available at: <https://www.wavingbearstudio.com/> [Accessed 3 December 2020].



Attended the lecture today. I did not have time to do much work today as I was packing and travelling home for Christmas!



After getting settled from moving back home for Christmas I was able to continue my work! I replaced the blog image to a GIF of the nighttime background for B-S-Zoku and edited title of blog.

Improved blog title and description, with new header!

I believe this makes my blog look a lot more professional and personalised. Now I feel like it is beginning to look a lot more like an artist’s blog. I still would like to add more personalisation through working on the dividers on my blog to add my artwork and personality throughout the blog. This will help break up the heavy text and keep it bright and fun!



Today I focused my time on updating blog posts. It is strange to think there is only one more week left of term. Because it has been an incredibly busy term, knowing that it is over is quite jarring. However, I will need to keep working until the beginning weeks of January on my GART702 module as this is when it is due in, and I want to ensure it is of the best quality possible.

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