Week 12 Reflection – Character Line Art Continued and End of Term Reflection



During the guest lecture we had today, and afterwards, I worked on the angry sprite of my character. I am prioritising firstly on doing the rough line art of the human version, then if I have time, I will do the fairy version. Previously, I thought it would be achievable to finish all the lineart before the lecture tomorrow, however now I know I was over scoping for the time period I had left to do this. I did not consider how travelling home and the change of working from home would affect me. I have always found working from home to be difficult after coming to university, most likely because I associate my home environment with relaxing and unwinding after term has ended.

Because of additional distractions, I have found it harder to work at home. Having a positive and productive working from home environment is crucial, especially this year as with Covid, there is no other option. I will have to be strict with myself, especially if I want to keep creating and finish my GART702 work before January.

However, I do think I have been harsh on myself recently regarding my GART702 work, as although I am behind on the schedule I proposed for myself, an important part of the creative process is reflection. It is just as important to think about what I have done and let those ideas ruminate as it create.

I believe that taking the time to focus solely on finishing all my GAM701 work will benefit my GART702 work. This is because as I am working on the other module, I can think about my personal work and allow new ideas and solutions to problems occur. Then, when I feel more prepared, I will be able to tackle the work!

I have created a week plan to help this.

Week 12 Plan

Transcribed Version:

Monday: -Attend guest lecture. – Work on GART character

Tuesday: -Work on character more.

Wednesday: – Hand in work!! (this has been moved!)

Thursday: – Attend lecture. -Work more on essay and blog.

Friday: -Continue essay and blog work.



Before the lecture today, I continued working on the line art for my character. This is what I was able to create for critique!

Fairy character, human form – rough lineart so far.
Fairy character, fairy form – rough lineart so far

Our regular lecturer Ady was unable to attend the lectures, however, another lecture, Phoebe, was able to take over! I showed her my work so far, and she gave some really useful feedback! She created this paint over while explaining how I can improve my work.

Phoebe’s paint over of my work, clearly showing improvements on leg perspective.

She told me I need to change the perspective of the legs, and keep in mind how certain areas overlap and how I communicate this. I thought myself that the perspective of the legs seemed wrong, but I did not know how to solve this, and nobody else mentioned the issue before this. I believe the mistake came from the incorrect angle of the reference photo that I was using, and me basing the drawing too heavily off this rather than knowledge of anatomy.

Moving forward, after I have finished all my work for GAM701 I will focus heavily on my GART702 work and make sure the proportions and perspective of my character is accurate before moving onto later stages.

Lastly, after looking at Phoebe’s paint over of my character, I have decided that I would also like for my character to have flowers in the pockets of her toolbelt alongside the tools she has already.

I believe it would be nice for her to have the flowers that she uses for each of her different emotion sprites. This would give the impression that she grabs the flowers from her toolbelt each time her emotions change, which I thought would be a funny detail.

This relates to the inspiration I got from the Ace Attorney/Phoenix Wright games that I have mentioned previously, and how each character is very exaggerated and unique. That fun kind of character design is something that really appeals to me and something I want to communicate in my own work!



Originally, the GAM701 assignment was due in today, however because of the travel window the government has provided students, my University has extended deadlines that take place during this week. This is to ensure we have enough time to complete them to a good standard. The new deadline is on the 16th, a week later, and I intend to use this extra time to perfect my blog posts and ensure that my final reflective report of this term is of the highest quality I can make it.

Because I will be mainly focusing on writing my blog and report, my reflections over the next few days will increase, however I worry that I will not have too much new to write about. I have noticed, after looking back at previous posts, that I have become more confident with writing these posts and open to the reflective process.

As I have progressed throughout the year, my blog posts have gotten longer as I have created more work and been able to reflect on more. It certainly has helped to curate this blog as it has given me clear picture of my progress each week, and this has been a real motivation booster when I see how much I have been able to achieve in a short period of time!

Additionally, being able to break up my work into week chunks more clearly has helped to make each week refreshing and alike starting anew. Instead of the thoughts from the previous week lingering and being messy in my head, I have been able to write them all down and have them saved for future reference.



Worked on essay and blog. Today we had our last GAM701 lecture, in which we played games together which was really lovely, and a well-deserved break from all the work! Because of this I did not do any further work in the evening.



Today I worked further on my blog and the essay. Once I have finished updating my blog, I would like to go back through it and then take notes on key reflections and pieces of work I have done each week, and this will help me structure my essay. For example, looking back on my first post recently I remembered that one of the earliest tasks we had was to write a written reflection on what themes and skills we will focus on during the Masters’ course, and how these will change our work.

I wrote that I wanted to improve my storytelling in my character designs and create a character that people feel represented from. While I hope the latter is true, as I have taken care to reference as accurately as possible Black features, I know that my storytelling ability has been pushed and strengthened a lot this term. This has mainly been because of the weekly peer reviews that have taken place on the GART702 module. Receiving critique inside this, and also seeking my own outside of this has allowed me to quickly work on advice given to me and strengthen my character designs substantially because of this!

Additionally, I have also noticed that this has carried through to my GAM701 work in the latest sprint game. By conducting a playtest I discovered that my main character did not communicate as a female gang member as I had intended, so I needed to add additional visual cues to show that she was tough and not just a schoolgirl.


In future, I do intend to continue to keep seeking feedback with my art wherever I can, as it is incredibly useful.  However, at times I do feel like I rely on feedback a bit too much, and sometimes I go against what I feel is best. For example, a few weeks back I had created a colour scheme for my character which I really liked.

Original colour scheme I did not take forward.

I liked this colour scheme a lot as I had put a lot of my identity into this, as I identify as Pansexual. The main colours of this design are pink, yellow, and blue, which are the colours of the flag. I would like to change the colours that are featured in the current colour scheme I am going forward with to make them reflect this part of me.

Current colour scheme.

I would like to replace this greener tinted yellow with a brighter yellow. I believe this will work a lot better and retain that initial part of me that I incorporated into my work.

Speaking about this, it reminds me of a quote from my favourite book, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde.

“every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter…”, “…it is rather the painter who, on the coloured canvas, reveals himself.” (Wilde, 1890.)


Wilde, O., n.d. The Picture Of Dorian Gray Full Text: Chapter 1 Page 4. [online] Shmoop.com. Available at: <https://www.shmoop.com/picture-dorian-gray/chapter-1-full-text-4.html> [Accessed 11 December 2020].


To start the working day, I decided to create the divider for my blog finally! Because I have been working solidly on writing my reflective report and blog posts this week, I felt like it was a good time to do some art to break up the work a bit!

I knew that I wanted the divider to either be related to flowers or frogs. Flowers, because a lot of my work has revolved around them this term. Frogs, because not only do I love them but my very first piece of work I created featured my frog statue, and I felt this would be a nice throwback!

I knew also that I wanted to include yellow in the design, perhaps for the divider lines, because it would match my colour scheme of pink and blue nicely. I have mentioned previously, but I identify as Pansexual, and these are the colours on the flag. Incorporating this into my blog design means that it reflects me more personally. I began working on the divider for the blog, and the first iteration incorporated a frog into the design.

Frog divider, without the eyes because I abandoned this version before adding any.

However, I did not think it was successful as I was working on it, and imagining it on my blog, it did not feel like it would fit.

Instead, I decided to make the centre illustration a lilypad instead. This still has relation to frogs, but there is more influence from flowers and nature, which I feel like is a much more prominent theme on my blog.

First iteration of lilypad divider.

This is how the first iteration of the lilypad looked like on my blog. I liked this, however I felt like the yellow wasn’t bright enough, so I experimented with it further.

Second iteration, with previous above.

The second iteration was better, but still not what I wanted.

Final iteration, with previous two above.

The third attempt was much more akin to what I had envisioned, and this is the one I chose! I then worked on replacing all the previous dividers for all my posts with these lilypad ones!


I spent the day updating my blog, and finally finished doing so, meaning I can spend the rest of my time working on my essay before the deadline next Wednesday.

On this note, I do not plan on making further posts on this blog until I have finished all this essay, which I will post on here!

I also plan on creating one my big master post of my GART702 artwork! This is so I can show the rest of the development of my character, as it seems a shame to not post her fully. However, this will be posted sometime in January when I have handed in this work.

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